Simplest ways to practice self-care when you work from home

Simplest ways to practice self-care when you work from home

When working from home, it’s imperative to create boundaries and self-care rituals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

When your living space is also your working space, it’s particularly easy to fall into the bad habit of never turning off and that’s not good for your mental or physical well-being.

Whether it’s working out, meditating, taking a warm bath, or indulging in a skincare routine, it’s important to nourish mindfully.

Here’s the self-care tips for people who work from home.


Keep a water bottle by your side throughout the day.

Grab ahold of your favorite reusable water bottle and take it with you wherever you go. Keep it by your nightstand, leave it on your desk, place it on the ground next to you. If you have a full water bottle by your side throughout the day, you’re more likely to stay hydrated.


Don't forget to stretch every now and then! 

When you work from home, you may end up sitting (or standing) at your workstation all day. It's important to remember to stretch your joints and muscles every now and then to prevent cramps, aches, and pain later.


Benefits of meditations.

It helps us regulate our emotions. When we practice meditation and become more comfortable with unpleasant thoughts and emotions that arise because of challenging situations, we learn how to react calmly, thoughtfully, and empathetically when faced with stress and challenges.


Keep healthy snacks ready.

You don’t want to overdo it with snacking, but you also don’t want to starve yourself. It can be all too tempting to stress-binge on unhealthy foods when you’re having a tough day at work and the kitchen is just a few seconds away.

This is especially true when you’re the only one working from home and there’s no one around to keep you feeling accountable. While it’s certainly not easy to curb a bad snacking habit, you can limit the impact by only stocking healthy, nourishing foods in your fridge and pantry.


You shouldn't neglect your skin care! 

Just because we aren’t exposed to the everyday pollutants we know so well doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. Working from home can be just as stressful for fickle skin. Use daily skincare ritual as a way to delineate and create boundaries. In the morning, use it to regroup and reflect on the day ahead, and at night, your skincare ritual helps to shut off from work and find a precious moment of peace.

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