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Romensa Wireless Bra 3822 Diva's Dream Goddess

RM 388.00
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    A large wave of new buyers show warmth 😘

    Whether you are ABCDE

    Still 70~75~80~85~90

    Whether you are externally expanding sagging auxiliary breasts

    still big breasts

    Whether you are a fresh loli type 💁

    Still mature and charming💃

    Ruomansha~The Dream of the Goddess👙

    Let you discover a different self 😍ི

    A velvet, an elegant

    Soft and comfortable touch with subtle luster

    Whether it is the last century or the present

    Velvet looks so fashionable

    The velvet fabric is gorgeous and soft, and the upper body is classy

    The important thing is that this material has been popular for more than 2000 years💫

    Says it's a single item for which an obsolete period cannot be calculated

    That's well deserved

    Ruo Mansha's "Dream of the Goddess" is elegantly new

    this time

    Freeze the beauty of timeless beauty ❣️

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