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Romensa 3823 Wedding Seasons 3 cup types

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👰🏻Golden holiday wedding season

Brides-to-be must enter

wedding gift must send

must wear in zodiac year

The 3823 Huayuexishi model innovatively uses three cup types in one model, and it is Ruo Mansha's three classic cup types: thick cup, medium thick cup, and sandwich thin cup combination.

One model satisfies the needs of women with different breast shapes for underwear to the greatest extent. need.

-A-type cup: A65-80, B65-70 use a small cup artifact 3/4 bottom thick top thin cup shape to create breast enhancement effect and enhance the cup shape.

-B-type cup: A85, B75-B90 use the patented 4D integrally formed breast augmentation cup thick cup, C70-85, D70-75 use the patented 4D integrally formed breast augmentation cup thin cup, which can make the breast shape more lifted and gathered to present a natural hand holding Effect.

-C-shaped cups: C90-95, D80-95, E70-95, F75-95 are made of sandwich plus honeycomb cotton, a lightweight, environmentally friendly and healthy material, with innovative arcs, thick and thin cups, and a more natural lift.

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