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ROMENSA 1831 Wireless L Shape Yatch Bra Cup Panties set

RM 238.00
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The love closest to the heart💞

Nothing is better than a piece of underwear that understands you

Ruomansha no steel ring external expansion killer column👙

Give you good looks, give you style😎

The new product buyer show is extremely beautiful ♥️

Romensa Expansion Series 1831

Exclusive patented L-shaped cup mold

Killing: Severe expansion❗Soft and soft❗Loofah milk❗Big and small breasts❗

★Heighten the side spleen, collect fat and lock fat without running cup

★Ergonomics, natural lifting without pressure

Return your "gathering" beauty

⭐️ Hidden skill: smooth surface without trace!

Wearing a T-shirt in summer without embarrassing underwear marks

V-neck design with anti-slip chest, easy to match with any outerwear! 🤭

A once-in-a-lifetime commitment

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