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[Ready Stock] DCS Portable Mini Hot Facial Steamer K-33B

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  • Provides a spa treatment that leaves skin soft and silky-smooth, cleaning and tightening the skin, keeping your face hydrated. 
  • The steam anions that this machine generated can moisturize and whiten skin. The large-capacity water tank for long-term use. 
  • Termal spray can promote blood circulation,removing dirt in the pores and speeding up the metabolism.
  • With big fog, it is effective and also safe to use and also suitable for home use. 
  • There are no screws connection and 360 degree rotation makes it free to adjust the spraying angle, small and easy to tidy up.


1. Deep Cleansing - The permeation of the steam can make epidermic cells be softened and expanded, facilitate the removal of the aged keratinized cells and achieve a bright, smooth and delicate skin. Steam can open pores to make it easy to eliminate the deep-level filth and excessively secreted sebum and keep the skin to breathe freely

2. Moisturizing - The water molecules of the hot mist are easy to be absorbed by cells and can increase moisture content to make the skin moistened and elastic.

3. Improving the blood circulation - Steam can accelerate the partial blood flow of the skin to result in a rosy complexion


Voltage :AC220-240V 50/60Hz

Conditon: 100% new brand

Power: 400W 

Color: White

Tube length: 22cm (Can be rotatated)

Max water capacity: 350ml

Package include:

1x main machine

1x hot tube


1. This device have protection spray water function. If the water level is higher than the max water line or water dirty, the machine will buzz. So you must turn off the power, and let the water under max water line or change the water into clean water, and switch on the power.

2. Please note that the distance for different skin between the spray hole and skin position, and treatment time for different skin.

Skin TypeDistanceTreatment time
Oil Skin,blood circulation bad skin25cm15 minutes
Normal Skin30cm10 minutes
Sensitive skin, water-shortage skin35cm5 minutes


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