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  • 52872-80ml-carbon-peel-cream-gel-for-skin-rejuvenation-black-kuklaliceto-skin-deep-cleaning-with-carbon-gel-nano-activated
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Ready Stock Black Wawa Doll Carbon Gel Laser for Skin Rejuvenation Whitening Deep Cleansing Machine Facial Salon 80ml

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1 ) High efficiency

carbon cream for laser contains vitamin B3 and B5 can effectively soothe and soften the skin, effectively tighten the skin, remove wrinkles and fade blackheads

2 ) Easy to absorb

black carbon cream, you may wipe it on the face that could be easily absorbed by the skin, it is good to minimise large pores and improve your skin, makes your skin smoother, beautify and white the skin, reduce melanin, supplement moisture and make the skin white, delicate and elastic

3 ) Principle

Thanks to the tight adsorption and the ultra-fine properties of nano activated carbon, it effectively penetrates the pores and absorbs annoying fats and dirt. It works with nano-soft light to produce sufficient light beams, effectively destroy deep dirt and keratin and generate high heat energy, fully stimulates the viability of the cells. Work together with the skin care laser machine and make your skin softer

4 ) After use

a deep cleansing can be carried out easily, so you can open your hair, clean the pores to remove oil, improve acne problems, promote skin metabolism and make your skin softer, smoother, brighter and fresher

5 ) Suitable for personal use by family or professional beauty salon

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