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Electrode Pads Muscle Radium Padding Body Shaping Machine Slimming Machine Weight Loss Massage Electro Stimulation Acupuncture

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Miostimulyator of B - 333 corrects a figure, reduces body volumes, struggles with cellulitis and extensions, tightens face skin and stimulates blood supply AT THE SAME TIME.

Thanks to 10 channels of stimulation, for one session it is possible to influence a set of zones at once.

The system of work of a miostimulyator is constructed on artificial excitement of muscles by means of an electric impulse, Elektroimpuls is generated by a miostimulyator, and then transferred to muscles of the person. Passing on muscular tissue, microcurrent, it forces them to be reduced. To cause physical activity in muscles. It leads, in turn, to increase of inflow of blood to the reduced muscles, stimulates a venous krovoottok, a limfoottok, and also intensifies synthesis of proteins in an organism.

Miostimulyator serves for:
* Liftings/face lifting;
* Reduction of extensions;
* Post - surgical rehabilitation;
* Activation of system of circulation of liquid in an organism (blood and a lymph);
* Restoration and development of force and elasticity of muscular tissue;
* Tonization of flabby muscles;
* Accelerations of process of splitting of fats in an organism;
* Improvements of structure of skin ;
* Relaxations of muscles of an organism;
* Treatments of cellulitis (at different stages);
* Elimination of pain syndromes;
* Managements of weight loss processes (by impact first of all on the most needing zones) and tonization of muscles.

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