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DCS Nano Mist Sprayer

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DCS Nano Mist Sprayer

  • It uses as smoke machine for disinfection with Nano Mist.
  • Suitable for disinfection of homes, automobiles, streets, gardens, schools, hospitals, office buildings and other places.

These tiny particles are suspended the air, is enough to kill any airborne microorganisms (bacterial, fungi and viruses). Studies have shown that it can clear nasal and throat infections without harming the lungs.

  • New standard to replace chemical fumigation infection management
  • Kills 99.9% of bacterial 
  • No need to move anything during fumigation
  • Completely safe without harming the environment, people or animals
  • Non-carcinogenic and non-corrosive
  • Oil-free and non-toxic

Warning for operation:

  • Don't spray for directly to people on the face.
  • Don't run machine empty of liquid in case of machine damage.
  • After fogging, don't turn off machine immediately, keep electricity on for 1-2 minutes for cooling down machine before finally cutting off power.

Use the steps:

  1. Plug in the power supply plug, open the black knob to the "II", for 2-3 minutes with a handle on the indicator, circulate in automobile air conditioning mode.
  2. Put device in a bottle of spray disinfectant, ensure the straw into a detergent bottle.
  3. The rotation time switch, the machine will hold or indirect spray disinfection, and closed the door let stand for 10 minutes or so, construction completion.

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