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DCS Ultrasound Magic Glove

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1. BIO micro-current technology: (BIO微电流技术)
- Simulate the body’s own biological current (模拟人体自身的生物电流)
- Direct effect on cell tissue (直接作用于细胞组织)促进细胞活化
- Promote cell activation (促进细胞活化)
- Balance cell membrane potential (平衡细胞的膜电位)
- Achieve cell rejunevation (达到细胞年轻化)
- Help and enhance the self-healing function of muscle tissue (帮助和提高肌肉细胞组织的自我修复功能)

2. Hydration: (水合作用)
- Microfluidics promotes cellular protein synthesis (微电流促进细胞合成水解蛋白)
- Nourish the skin (滋养皮肤)

3. Lymphatic drainage (淋巴引流)
- The main function of the lymphatic system is to discharge toxins (淋巴系统的主要功能是排出毒素)
- Eliminate edema (消除水肿)

 4. Acupoint therapy (穴位疗法)
- Stimulate acupuncture points and meridian system to achieve beauty (刺激穴位与经络系统达到美容)
- Figure flattering  (美体修形的综合效果)

- Revitalize nutrition input (活肤营养导入)
- Breast Enhancement (胸部提升)
- Eyes lifting (眼角提升)
- Remove dark circles (去黑眼圈)
- Eliminate bags under eyes and  ‘crow’s feet’ (消除眼袋去鱼尾纹)
- Stomach in and wasp waisted  (细腰收腹)提臀收紧
- Hip Lifting (提臀收紧)
- Remove striae gravidarum (去妊娠纹)
- Lymphatic detoxification (淋巴排毒)
- Professional face lifting (专业瘦脸)
- Skin Rejunevation (美白嫩肤)
- Anti-inflammatory and suppress acne (消炎抑痘)
- Pore refining (毛孔细致)
- Remove red bloodshot (去红血丝)
- Dispel freckles and remove scars (淡斑除印)
- Remove nasolabial folds (消法令纹)
- Remove wrinkles (美颈除纹)

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