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DCS Portable Ultrasonic with Spot Removal Facial Machine

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Shiny transparent skin melanin is freckles, spots, black arch-criminal. Supersonic promote melanin oxidation, can lighten freckles, but stains and black skin and the surface of the freckles, is because the package base black light-colored pigment cells to form on the surface of the dark. Ultrasonic vibration and thermal effect, promote the skin deep light intracellular melanin discharge, so that the skin has become white, beautiful.


1.removing wrinkles
2.removing black spots
3.removing acne
4.removing fats
5.eye care
6.facial nursing
7.eliminate scar
8.eliminate skin pigment abnormalities


1, application of ultrasonic instrument, with the proper cleansing lotion facial skin clean;
2, erase the face cream, steaming ten minutes with spray device;
3, with appropriate contraction water tap facial parts;
4, the good product of uniform appropriate to wipe his face;
5, the power supply is switched on, select the appropriate output socket on the ultrasound probe.
6, press the power switch, adjusting the power size (general transferred to intermediate.);
7, to regulate the proper time, usually 15 minutes;
8, according to need to select the wave - continuous wave or pulsed wave;

Product Features

1 Bate thrombus, eliminate "blush"

2 Removing acne scar after healing

3 The elimination of abnormal skin pigmentation

4 Differentiation of pigmented subcutaneous spot

5 Wrinkle wrinkles, eliminating blood stasis and dispersing blood = skin stretch

6 To remove eye bags and dark circles

7 Soft solid fat cure acne

8 Skin sclerosis and snakeskin morbid

9 Often massage improve skin texture

With the help of a small ultrasonic beauty instrument, the skin can get great care. Can be used alone, promote skin`s blood circulation, improve skin texture and color. It is also in line with the eye cream, massage cream, essence. Beauty gel, the skin deep maintenance, let skin care products play better. Nutrition absorption, acne, wrinkles and other skin problems be smoothly done or easily solved. Your skin will appear more translucent, smooth young health beauty.

Product Specifications

Machine Type: Ultrasonic beauty instrument sweeps spot mole freckle face nutrient import instrument
Weight: 2000g
Measurement:280 x 200 x 80 mm
Suitable Audience:All skin types
Function:Whitening & Rejuvenation Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Freckle Slimming Anti-Acene
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