DCS Natural Soap Base 10kg Slab (Opaque)

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Appearance: Opaque solid bar (White)

Method of use: Melt and pour

Weight per slab: 10 kg

Features & benefits:

High natural humectant (glycerin) content
no alcohol, non drying, high moisturisation
vegetable base
odorless base
compatible with wide range of fragrances and emollients

Facial soaps
Shower soaps
Gift soap
Want to have fancy design of your soap/ skin care product?

Want to make own formulation of skin care product?

Wish to have special time with you kids by doing own soap?

Buy our soap raw materials! Easy & fast way to create a soap! Even for a Kids!

Our Soap base is made with coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil and glycerin. You can add any essential oil, fruits, shea butter or cocoa butter with your own formulation. Or use it directly now.

Steps to make the soap:
1. Melt our soap base in microware/ normal kitchen with low heat.
2. Prepare your additional addon materials (fragrance oil, essential oil/coconut oil/ shea butter/ cocoa butter/ vegetable glycerin)
3. Pour the additonal addon materials and stir evenly
4. Add soap dye and stir evenly.
5. Pour your soap with addon materials onto a mold/ container. Let it set for 2-3 hours.
6. Your soap is ready one it is hardern. You can wrap it for long store or start using it for cleansing/ shower.

Suggested portion to make a soap:
1. Soap based 70% - 80%
2. Ingredient 20% - 30%
a. Glycerin
b. Coconut oil/ paste/ shea butter/ Cocoa butter
c. Fruits
d. Fragrance
e. Colour
f. Honey

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