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DCS Magnifying Lamp with Stand

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Provides cool bright light under center magnifying glass With light for close up inspection work 9-inch diameter head and 23cm handle Circular 22W fluorescent bulb surrounds inspection magnifying lens Large viewing area Universal 4 spoke floor stand White painted metal floor stand with 4 wheels (casters) Height: 27.5 inches Voltage: 110 or 220V AC 

The light pipe produces incandescent light, which is illuminated to the skin and magnified via convex lens so that the pore tissue on the skin is clear seen. Beautician may use the magnifier to make eyebrow and remove scar and nevus. It has 5 diopter lens, can be used as a diagnostic tool for clinical examinations of the skin. Ideal for esthetics. With white Metal Base. 

Installation: Assemble the stand the return pipr. Insert the luminescent magnifier to the return pipe. Loosen three triangular screws on the movable arm to the desired angle. Turn the light base to the desired position. Press the power switch to turn on power. Operation Plug in power. Turn Power switch on. Adjust desired position.

Power switch Light base
Movable arm
Adjustable triangular screw
Rentum pipe Stand

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