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[Ready Stock] DCS Hot Facial Steamer (UFO)

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Hot steamer produces hot steam that opens and unclogs pores to allow removal of dirt, oil, and grime from the skin. With ozone function, it moistens, purifies, and whitens skin. It promotes blood circulation and accelerates skin metabolisms. 

Product Specifications
Glass Capacity 750ml
Voltage 240V
Power 750W

Product Features
1. Hot steam with ozone
2. 750ml cup capability
3. Power on and off switch
4. Ozone on and off switch
5. Comes with castors wheels

Please note that the distance for different skin between the spray hole and skin position, and treatment time for different skin.

Skin TypeDistanceTreatment Time 
Oilskin, blood circulation, bad skin25 cm15 min 
Normal skin30 cm10 min
Sensitive skin, water-shortage skin

35 cm5 min

Warming Reminder (温馨提醒):

1.Only can use with distilled water or mineral water. Cant use any unfiltered water. (只能是过滤水或矿泉水,不能是水龙头的水 不然会造成铁会生锈)

2. When the water is boiling, it cant rotate the beaker because it was very heated. (当水在沸腾或者沸腾后,不能直接转开烧杯 因为烧杯还有热度。)

3. After switch off the button, open the beaker with a towel to prevent scald. (当关电了后,一定要用毛巾或者湿布转动 避免烫伤。)

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