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DCS Colourful Hot and Cold Hammer (New Version)

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Using the hot and cold balance massage to produce "heat bilges cold shrink" to promote the body's cell stimulation and greatly enhance the vitality, speed up metabolism, promote blood circulation, blood vessels and increase the elasticity of the skin, so that skin is soft, tender, and white.

When massaged with a hot tip, the body is massaged by the biochemical effects of freezing while being massaged by the physical machine, causing the skin to be stimulated by freezing and the already dilated pores and microcirculation capillaries to tighten and contract. The skin undergoes "loosen tight" exercise continuously, enhance the elasticity of skin and blood vessels thereby and achieve the effect of skin smoothness and tenderness.

Product introduction:
Physical treatment and vibration, no side effect, safe and assured to use.
Using hot and cold alternately, can activate cells thoroughly, improve overall skin texture, skin tightening, facial lifting, pore shrinking, and eliminating eye bags and dark circles.
There is high and low level for you to adjust as per your beauty need. Easy to operate and convenient for daily skincare.
Slight vibration massage offers a comfortable feeling when moving slowly on the face under the hot mode.
Separate cold hot massage heads bring different treatment effects.
Ventilation design helps the heat distribution and avoids burning.


Hot Therapy: 30-55°C 

Cold Therapy: 3-8°C

Package Include:
1 x Main Machine
1 x User Manual
1 x Package Box

1.Do not touch the hot/cold detector avoiding burning.
2.Do not wash with water. Do not treat eyes, skin with cuts, or body parts with lacerations
3.If you have a problem with the skin in use, please stop using it immediately.

4.Beautician should wear sanitary gloves during physical therapy

Use contraindications of this instrument:

pregnant and nursing women

patients with pacemakers

severe heart disease

forbidden for children

Technical parameters:



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