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DCS galvanic facial machine ( Ready Stock)

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Galvanic Lead in & out

applies the principle that positive ion and negative ion attract each other.Positive ion can lead in acidic essence deep into skin,directly provide nutrient to skin cells. Soften skin and calm down nerves.This is mainly used after beauty treatment to astringe pores, relieve inflammation.Negative ion can lead in alkalescent essence,dissolve the grease on skin surface,and balance secretion.Meanwhile lead the foreign substance and heavy metal ion out of skin,stimulate nerves and increase blood supply.This is mainly used on mature aging skin and oily skin.


1. Connect the galvanic accessories into relevant holes on the machine. The metal bar is held by the customer, while the rolling bars are held by beauticians.

2. Press “POWER” key. Choose Galvanic Lead in or Galvanic Lead out according to the nature of the essence. “+" means positive ion lead in, “-" means negative ion lead out.

3. Adjust the intensity according to need.


1. Don’t use high frequency on an area for too long time, in case of burning the skin. Please adjust the intensity from weak to strong.

2. Please turn off the intensity switch or power first before install or disassembly the glass tube. Please keep all glass tubes clean & dry.

3. Please adjust the intensity gradually from weak to strong when doing the Galvanic Lead In. Never suddenly turn it to strong. It’s normal that skin slightly stings.

4. Please clean and dry the skin before operation. Watches and metal ornaments must remove.

5. Patients with angiocardiopathy or sensitive skin are not suitable to use.

6. Don’t put the machine in humid places.

7. Never touch the eye ball by High frequency glass tip.

Carton size


Voltage : 110V / 220V

GW : 3.5 kgs

Power : 35W

Appeove :CE

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