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DCS DNA Ampoule for damaged skin(10 bottles)

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DNA is a nucleic acid that can replicate itself, creating new copies of itself. This advanced preparation contains water-soluble DNA which forms a protein film on the contour of the skin, acting as a "second skin" to guard against the stresses of the environment without impeding the natural transpiration process. Ionizable. pH: 6.5

Information concerning DNA:

 It is a purified extract from a marine source, made of nucleotide fragments of DNA and said to stimulate keratinocyte growth and increase vitality and cell protection of fibroblast cultures. In-vivo evaluations on 20 volunteers show significant increases of skin moisture, high and significant increase of biological elasticity, increasing cutaneous thickness, and improved wrinkle profile. This product contains 3% hydrolyzed DNA.


Contains the following key ingredients (and their known benefits):
Hydrolyzed DNA - Deeply hydrating, increases moisture levels
Hydrolyzed RNA - Deeply hydrating, increases moisture levels


For dry, mature, sensitive, environmentally damaged skin.

Apply to face and neck on clean skin. Gently massage into the skin until absorbed.

Using galvanic current:

 Apply ampoule to face and proceed to ionize 5 minutes on negative and 5 minutes on positive. Follow with masque according to skin type.

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