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1.Electric shock for skin lifting
2.facial beauty machine
3.skin care machine rejuvenation
4.RF for face care
5. Anti-Hair Removal, Anti-Puffiness, Blood Vessels Removal, Pigment Removal, Whitening, Cellulite Reduction, Moisturizer, Dark Circles, Skin Rejuvenation, Weight Loss, Wrinkle Remover, Breast Enhancers

Production Description
1.Operating principle:
No needle liquid beauty plastic therapy can be replace needle beauty, with water electrophoresis plastic therapy, same technology and comprehensive in the active ingredient or nutrients needed directly transported to skin tissues, quickly absorbed by skin tissue from the surfaces, remarkable curative effect .Compared with the pure beauty products, no needle beauty of effective absorption rate plastic therapy greatly increased Fundamental will solve all the skin younger short-term inside can become reality, great shorten the duration.

Electricity perforation: direct role in the skin, the instant enhance permeability of the skin tissue .In shock, under the action of lipid layer of cells forming shock holes. In shock at the same time, make pore forming previously cannot be cells to absorb the hydrophilic molecules to penetrate and get inside cells. Use electrophoresis energy osmosis technology open cell membrane water channels, osmosis membrane, through the hair follicle, the sweat gland and corneous layer, in order to promote circulation.


1.Stimulate the formation of blood vessels ,leather ,blood circulation to help take sugar and fat, protein metabolism weates.

2.Whitening and anti-wrinkle

3.take away the molecular structure of cells, skin completely open .power operation in the skin surface infiltration head with a method of grain is slightly along the skin and smooth movement of extrusion .

4.Clean the skin , daub hydrating moist products.

5.Ice therapy effect on skin ,lock moisture and nutrients


1.Work Theory
It uses Electroporation and Electroosmosis techniques, (needle-free mesotherapy or mesoderm or cell rupture) technique, without any injectors, easily opens the aquaporin(AQP), transports skin wanted nutrition, so as to treat all kinds of skin problems. With the application of Electrophoresisenergy to the beauty industry, It takes `point to point` infiltration techniques, by orientation, layer-oriented and ration to transport high-energy nutrition serum directly into the skin tissue, let it quickly being absorbed and effective, promote skin metabolism, keep skin elastic and fine.

1.innovative technology: Use of advanced electroporation and electroosmosis technique.
2.high absorption rate: nutrition can directly arrived deep-seat cell, the absorption rate arrived 99%.
3.no pain no side effects: The treatment process is completely painless, does not change the mechanism of the skin, the matched care products is natural active substances.
4.more treatment position, and more treatment options: the face, neck, chest, waist, hips, legs can be treated; supporting of many effective products for treating different skin problem: such as skin whitening, wrinkles removal , skin tightening, weight loss products etc.

3. Treatment principle
No-needle therapy device is a high-tech products. It takes electrophoresis electroporation and electroosmosis. Directional, layer-oriented, quantificational supply nutrition and active ingredient to the deep-seated cells. Promote skin metabolism, and accelerate lymph, blood circulation. To decrease wrinkles, whiten skin and keep skin moisture, reduce cellulite, achieve quicken fat dissolving and weight loss effective.

Freckle removal and skin whitening: Open cells channel woundless, absorb nutrition, participate in cells metabolism, promote cells rebirth.
Fantasy wrinkle removal: The electrode nutrition is directly penetrated the deep-seated skin, stimulates cells rebirth and removes wrinkles of deep skin layer.
Resist the acne: Through the electric nutrition conveyer belt, inject the acne removal distillate into the focus, clear or restrain the acne rebirth, avoid the wound infection.
Moisten and make up water: Inject the water feeding active distillate into the deep-seated skin, supply enough water to the cells, and prevent the series of skin problems caused by short of water.

Brand DCS
volatge 220v/110v
RF Type Bi polar
RF Frequency 1-5MHz
Ultrasonic Rang 0.3-0.5mhz
BIO Output 20-60HZ
Material ABS
Gross Weight 9Kg
Packing Size 43*24*42cm

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