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[READY STOCK] DCS 2 IN 1 Blackhead Removal Face Cleanser Beauty Machine

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Product Description:
- Blackhead suction grease, sprayer
- Suction nozzle  50W large power motor
- Strong adsorption capacity, it can absorb grease and dirt. The glass tubes are divided into three forms: direct, flat,gourd-shaped. You should use different tubes based on different parts operation.
- The direct tube can be used on the whole skin.
- The flat tube adsorbs a blackhead or nasal groove.
- The gourd-shaped tube is used for facial grease.
- Water replenishing sprayer
- It can use pure water, emollient water, face toner. It helps to remove facial acne and speckle, moisture replenishment, to delay skin aging.
Product Parameter:

- Mode:M-361
- Function:2-in-one multi-function
- Voltage:AC-220V 3A
- Power:50W 50Hz
- Pressure:rotating adjustable  

Suction nozzle function operation method:

1.Link the accessories
Link the rubber hose to one port and the glass straw, the other rubber hose port links the filter and plug into the machine output port (Suction)
Note: The glass tubes are divided into three forms: direct, flat,gourd-shaped.Another connecting rubber hose one port links to the emollient water bottle joint, the other port links to the machine output port (Nozzle).

2.Connect to the power supply.
Plug dual-head power cable one port into the power jack (If you use a single power cable, you do not need to do this.)and then choose the corresponding power supply according to the power tag in the back of the machine. And plug in the power cord.

3.Start working
Press the switch at "1" direction (the "0" direction is switch-off state) and then press the suction nozzle functional switch and you can conduct care.

4.Strength adjusting
The adjust strength is decided on the adjusting knob. (Turn it clockwise, the strength is enhanced; Turn it counterclockwise, the strength is decreased.)

5. After using the device, turn the strength adjusting knob to zero and switch off the power and then pull out the glass straw.

6.Device cleaning
You should use neutral detergent to clean the glass tubes and then disinfect and keep them dry.

- You should first master the blackhead adsorb skill and then you can use it.
- You should adsorb and pull, do not adsorb for a long time.
- The main steps: 

  1. Use face steaming apparatus to steam for 10 to 15 minutes. 
  2. Lay the blackhead derived liquid on the nose for eight minutes. 
  3. Then adsorb the blackhead with the device. 
  4. Press the glass tube holes and the big head port stick to the skin and maintain 2~5 seconds.
  5. Slide the glass tube and pull out the tube. You should press the hole on the tube during the operation

    Package List:
    - 1 x  M-361 Main unit
    - 1 x  Direct tube
    - 1 x  Flat tube
    - 1 x  Gourd-shaped tube
    - 2 x  Emollient water bottle
    - 1 x  Filter tube
    - 1 x  Straw connecting pipe  
    - 1 x  Nozzle connecting pipe
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