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[Ready Stock] DCS Hot Facial Steamer (UFO) Spray Machine Facial Steamer Home Spa Ozone Steaming Ion Sprayer Skin

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🌺 If you want to purchase more than 2 unit , kindly separate your order. 

🌺 1 order = 2 unit 

🌺 Customer will have to pay (Instant Transfer) the additional shipping fee charged by courier if order exceed the Limit quantity per Order

Hot steamer produces hot steam that opens and unclogs pores to allow removal of dirt, oil, improve blood circulation and metabolism  With ozone function, it moistens, purifies, and whitens skin. Customers will enjoy more comfort and release. This product is easy and convenient to use.

Product Specifications :

-Glass Capacity : 750ml

-Voltage : 220V

-Frequency : 50HZ

-Power : 750W

-Height : Max 120 cm

-Measurement : 31 H x 74 L X 32 W

Product Features :

1. Hot steam with ozone

2. 750ml cup capability

3. Power on and off switch

4. Ozone on and off switch

5. Comes with castors wheels

6. The height is adjustable.

7. Automatic shutdown when lack of water.

8. Convenient disassembly and installation

9. stable movement are perfect for SPA or personal care at home


1. Do not use the product if it is damaged. This may cause

electric shock and/or fire.

2. After using the appliance, please clean to avoid accumulation of

grease and other residues

3. Please do not add essential oil to the water glass as this can damage the machine

4. Please wait for the cup to cool before removing it for cleaning

5. Children should never operate this facial steamer

6. If you use very pure water, for better conductivity, please add some salt to the water


- When the water level is too high or too low, it will automatically stop working. After adding or reducing water, you should restart the unit for reworking. You won't worry about too much hot water spit out causing injury or too little water which damages the unit

Please note that the distance for different skin between the spray hole and skin position, and treatment time for different skin this are some preference : 

Distance: 25 cm    

Treatment Time : 15 min 

Skin Type : Oil skin, blood circulation, bad skin

Distance: 30 cm    

Treatment Time : 10min

Skin Type : Normal skin    

Distance: 35 cm    

Treatment Time : 5min

Skin Type : Sensitive skin, water-shortage skin    

In order to strictly control the quality of the products, the product will have water tests before we ship out . After the quality condition is qualified, they will be packed and post out immediately. Because of the testing reason, there may be residual test water in the product , so that we can ensure that we are real detection, not inferior products. All the products we sent are original new authentic products. 

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